Where you're always right and always wrong at the same time.

Fandom Wars
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Think Roy's eye color is green, not yellow and think others who don't believe that are dumbasses? Say it! WANT TO TALK IN CAPS LIKE THIS ABOUT HOW FINAL FANTASY 598968436869 IS BETTER THAN LEGEND OF ZELDA: LINK'S ACID TRIP? ABUSE THE CAPS LOCK KEY ALL YOU'D LIKE, MY FRIEND.

Sockpuppets are welcome (and encouraged).

Rules (yes, they do amazingly exist here)
1. No posts about pairings. Take that to shipwar.
2. Posts can't be your serious opinion about the subject in question. This community has a near fatal allergy to that.
3. Any pornographic images or spoilers must be put behind the almighty lj-cut.

NOTE: This is NOT a community meant to be taken seriously. If you take it seriously, we will not take you seriously.

Still don't get it? Check out the FAQ by sarajayechan.